About Justin

I am a doctoral candidate at Indiana University, researching informal learning environments, such as makerspaces. Jus 04And I love it!  These kind of hands-on spaces, especially when combined with the internet and online communities can be very powerful places for learning and experimenting. I am currently working on my dissertation researching the role that failure plays in the student experience of working in a makerspace.

I am also a husband and father of four.  Yes, it is crazy balancing work, school, and family life, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.  Some of my research interests around informal learning have increased as I have seen my children learn in informal settings, such as using iPad apps to investigate stars and constellations while camping, or while using traditional craft materials to create something new.

Follow me on Twitter @jnwhiting or on FaceBook.

You can also email me at JusWhiti(at)Indiana.edu

The following is a presentation given to graduate students and faculty members at BYU about the maker movement in education and how design thinking principles were used to develop the MILL makerspace at Indiana University.


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